Electrical Services

Switchboard Upgrades

How do I know if I need a Switchboard Upgrade?
Have you recently purchased an older home or added solar panels to your home – chances are the electrical switchboard will need upgrading – New modern appliances may overload the circuit boards – this can lead to fires. For safety of your family it is wise to have it checked by an authorised electrician. At Sunshine Coast Electricians we can help you with this.
Want to know the Safety Steps

Smoke Detectors

Clipsal products – Smoke alarms save lives and protect property from the powerful destruction of fire. Smoke alarms have a limited working life and need to be replaced every 10 years to provide adequate protection for your home and family.

Ceiling Fans and Ventilation

Clipsal Products Ceiling sweep fans are fashionable, super quiet and an effective way to freshen the air and cool your home, while saving energy and reducing air-conditioning costs.

Test & Tag

We are licenced to carry out RCD test and emergency light test to Australian Standards 3760 & 3012
In Australia, it is a legal requirement for employers to ensure that all “specified electrical equipment”* is regularly tested by a competent person and then tagged as “safe” (Electrical Safety Act 2002).

Test and TagThis process involves testing all portable electrical appliances in the workplace, including electrical leads, electrical tools and appliances.

Our current per item rate for test and tag is $6.50 + GST. We can guarantee that you will be able to find a cheaper per item quote for test and tagging, but when comparing our price with others, remember that all our test and tag work is completed by licensed electricians, with a minimum of four years training behind them, not a one day testing course! The main advantage of using an electrician for your test and tagging is that any faults identified during testing can be repaired onsite on the same day.


We use only quality Chef and Westinghouse Electrical Appliances

Telephone Points

Do you need extra telephone outlets –  we can check the signal in your existing points and add additional points to anywhere you require them in your home.  We use the latest digital cable.

Extra Power Points

You can never have enough power points. Power points and light switches don’t need to be boring
and with the new range of styles and colours you can match them to your decor.

Surge Protection and more…

A switchboard surge arrestor is designed to stop surges into the switchboard and prevent them entering your home. The surge arrestor is a small investment and the best way to protect your assets and property.

Lightening Storm Power Surge